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Biotech Capital (BTC) is a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange and is registered as a Pooled Development Fund (PDF) under the Pooled Development Fund Act, 1992. As a PDF the company and its shareholders are able to access certain tax concessions.*

Biotech Capital is in the business of providing development capital and management expertise to high-growth Australian biotech, medtech and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s strategy is to make active investments in life science businesses and late-stage product development opportunities that will benefit from greater access to development capital.  The company has the longer-term objective of building a group of complimentary businesses that are entrepreneurial, innovative, globally focused and when operating together have the ability to generate better health outcomes and value for its shareholders.

With a highly experienced Board, a strong shareholder base and a head office in Melbourne, Australia, the company is well placed to execute on range of strategic investments in the life sciences sector.

* Shareholders are entitled to concessionary tax treatment in Australia for income and capital gains derived from their shareholding. Gains realised on the disposal of shares will not be included in an investor’s assessable income in Australia. An investor will not be entitled to any deduction or capital loss on the sale of shares. Unfranked dividends received by an Australian resident will be exempt from tax. Franked dividends will also be exempt from tax unless the shareholder elects to be taxed. An Australian corporate tax entity may credit its franking account (with franking credits attaching to a franked dividend), regardless of whether it has elected to treat the dividend as exempt or assessable income. Dividends paid to non-residents will not be subject to withholding tax. A shareholder or prospective shareholder should obtain their own tax advice rather than relying on this summary.